Folding eBike The Escape

Folding eBike The Escape

01st November, 2018

Explore places near and far with our travel-friendly ebike.

Foldable ebikes are a versatile and often-overlooked cycling option. Maybe your studio apartment has limited storage place, or perhaps your commute involves a train, several flights of steps, and an elevator. A foldable bike is a cycling problem-solver and a bundle of fun packed into a small and convenient package.

Our 20-inch wheeled ebike folds smaller than many models on the market, thanks to the proprietary double folding mechanism on the frame, which can be broken down into thirds, so it can even be put in after shrinking the boot of the car.


Normal Bike

  • Turn off the LCD display and ride as a normal bike

Pure Electric

  • Press the thumb throttle to go forward without pedalling

PAS (Pedal Assist Mode)

  • Combine pedal assist and thumb throttle


An ebike that can fit in a car boot is a bike that you can always take anywhere with you!

Where will you escape?

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