Hot Tub Exceptional Quality

Hot Tub Exceptional Quality

17th April, 2024

Exceptional Quality

Manufacture in Europe

Our hot tubs made in Europe in a next-generation factory using robotic production technology with extreme precision are subject to systematic testing. To achieve the highest level of warranty, we use the best components in all production stages.

100% Recyclable Materials

The basis for ecological safety of our hot tubs is 100% recyclable Italian material GreenShield, which completely eliminates any risk associated with the use of outdated fibreglassing technology and the chemical substance styrene.

TÜV Standard

Because we are sure of the quality of production, all our hot tub products have received the TUV Rheinland certification. This independent certification provides an international guarantee of quality.

Certified by an independent laboratory approved by TÜV in terms of 20 control criteria, some of which are:

  • Resistance to high temperatures, temperature fluctuations and chemicals
  • Material resistance, structural stability, resistance to pressure
  • Optimized design eliminating the risk of leakage
  • Meets electrical safety standards

Only 5% of hot tubs on the market are TÜV certified!

Carefully Selected Materials

The shells of Hanscraft hot tubs are made of the best quality acrylic sheets, an exclusive material that gives them exceptional durability and reliability. The patent for the ABS-PMMA acrylic sheet makes it possible to combine the resistance of acrylate with the strength of ABS, reinforced with 2 layers of high-density Greenshield insulation.

Thanks to these first-class materials and rigorous testing, there is no doubt about the long service life and reliability of each hot tub

The Best Materials for Hot Tub Paneling

The outer panels, which thoroughly protect Hanscraft hot tubs, are designed using patented processes to withstand bad weather, UV radiation, high temperatures, scratches, shocks and solvents. They are easy to maintain and are made of high-quality construction material, which is also used for terraces and facades

A Wooden Structure Tested by Time

The wooden structure treated with products according to class 4 is highly resistant to water, temperature fluctuations and the harshest climatic conditions. The flexibility of the wood reduces noise caused by vibrations and ensures reliable stability.

Centralized Control

The latest technologies developed by Balboa are used to control all the functions that the hot tub offers. A true leader in the spa industry, Balboa Water Group has been designing hot tub equipment for over 30 years.