Hot Tub Technology

Hot Tub Technology

05th November, 2022

Multi-level insulation for significant energy savings

Hanscraft hot tubs are designed to allow you to enjoy hydrotherapy in complete tranquility.

Your spa is the result of innovative technologies aimed primarily at reducing energy consumption.

Like every part of our hot tubs, the insulation is uncompromising. Whether it’s the shell, paneling, thermocover or other technical elements, we have created a number of proven technical solutions saving up to several kilowatts per year

Optimal Insulation

Tub Double GreenShield layer insulation is much more effective and durable than expensive foam insulation, and it also allows for better resistance of the tub.


All the panels and the bottom are coated with a 10 mm thermoshield PVC foam, which allows insulation of the hose system and other technical elements of the hot tub.


The thermocover of Hanscraft hot tubs designed from the highest quality materials allows you to maintain an ideal water temperature.

ABS Base

The thermoformed ABS base provides an impermeable barrier against heat loss and rising moisture coming from the ground.

3 Independent Pumps

In order to achieve less noisy operation and to be able to control the energy consumption of the switched off hot tub, we decided to separate the massage and circulation pump.

Each pump switches on with a specific jet selection. The intensity of the massage therefore remains the same whether you are alone in the hot tub or there are several people.

The circulation pump is set for filtration and heating. This allows all pumps and heater running at the same time. This solution enables both a significant reduction in noise when the hot tub is not in use and lower electricity consumption.

Massage Pump

For premium OKA and HC design hot tubs, we always use 2 single-speed 2.2 kW pumps (with exception in hot tubs OKA1, OKA 2 and HC8, which have only 1 single-speed pump) and one 200–400 W filtration pump. The reason for this is to guarantee their longer service life and, last but not least, to ensure an optimal massage with a constant flow in all places.

Circulation Pump

There are several advantages to installing separate circulation pump:

  • Significant reduction in hot tub noise in standby mode
  • Less energy consumption than hot tubs that uses a dual speed pump for water circulation
  • Allows further extension of the service life of massage pumps


Our hot tubs are equipped with a blower for even more intensive hydrotherapy. The preheated air is driven via air jets. This makes the massage even more comfortable as it reduces the feeling of cold in the case of low outdoor temperatures. The preheated air also prevents the water temperature from dropping during the massage.