Cordless Easy Lamp

NEW Cordless Easy Lamp

11th October, 2023

Introducing the Contemporary Cordless Easy Lamp – an Illuminating Addition to Any Outdoor Setting or Home Room

We’re excited to present the Contemporary Cordless Easy Lamp, an ideal choice for any outdoor setting or room in the home, from alfresco dining to drinks beneath your pergola, the office to the living room and bedroom. Not only does it provide bright LED lighting in three different settings, but it’s also wonderfully easy to use.

Unlike conventional lamps, Easy Lamps are completely wireless. Each lamps comes with a USB charging cable, which allows you to quickly and easily recharge the unit when not in use. And, if you want to add a little extra ambience to your outdoor setting or home, you can adjust between the three brightness settings to create a cosy atmosphere anywhere – home or garden.

Cordless Easy Lamps are both indoor and outdoor-friendly. The lamps metal casing and wireless design means you can confidently take it outside for an evening gathering, or to create a soft, inviting atmosphere outside.

It looks great in any outdoor space and can tie into any home décor scheme, making it a stylish and practical addition to your home. Whether you’re looking for a lamp to dine alfresco, entertain beneath your pergola, spruce up your home office, or you’re searching for a new light for your bedroom, Easy Cordless Lamps are the perfect choice.

Enjoy reading your favourite books with a warm, gentle light, or investing in a little extra illumination for your office or living room, whichever room you place it in, this sleek and stylish cordless lamp will be sure to provide the perfect lighting solution.

  • Rechargeable with included USB charging cable
  • 3 Brightness Settings Soft, Warm Glow, White Light
  • Indoor & Outdoor Use


  • Easy Touch On/Off
  • Cordless/Wireless Lamp
  • 3-level Dimming
  • Portable LED Lamp
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Metal Casing

Available Sizes

  • 9cm Dia x H26.5cm
  • 11.5cm Dia x H36.5cm
  • 12.5cm Dia x H26.5cm
  • 15cm Dia x H36.5cm

Available Colours

Includes: 80cm USB Cable

Suitable for Outdoor Garden Furniture, Summerhouses, Gazebos, Pergolas, Bedroom, Desk, Bedroom