Swimspa HC Easypool

Relax & Exercise Swimspa

01st November, 2022

Swim spas have revolutionised the way we exercise in water.

Where a swimming pool was once required, these units allow you to swim on the spot with the aid of jets that create a powerful counter current. People of all ages should exercise regularly, and now you can unleash the many benefits of swimming - from burning calories to reducing stress - in the comfort of your own home. So, whether you’re training for your next triathlon or you simply enjoy swimming, a swim spa could be an invaluable tool for staying fit.

Quality Swim

When it comes to swim spas, all are not created equal. Cheaply manufactured models are not as reliable or efficient and can struggle to deliver the quality swim you want using lacklustre tech. At Alfresco we only stock products we would use ourselves, taking each one through our rigorous checks before giving them our final seal of approval.

Energy Efficiency

One aspect we scrutinise closely is energy efficiency, and that’s because we know homeowners are keen to keep operating costs to a minimum. The swim spas we stock are designed to save energy every step of the way, with superior insulation and tech that won’t drain your bank account by racking up huge electricity bills. With the ability to reduce energy consumption further by lowering water temperature or connecting an eco-friendly heat pump, you can rest assured your ongoing costs won’t spiral.

Relaxing as well as Exercise

The other great benefit to our swim spas is that they can be used for relaxing as well as exercise. The unit is adjustable so that only the massage pumps are operational, which means you’ve now got the perfect hot tub at home, too. Able to accommodate larger groups, your swim spa is no longer just for you - it’s for your friends and family, too!

Host a fun summer Fire Pit with your family, star-gazing sessions with friends or simply unwind with a loved one in your home swim spa.

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