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Turn Your Garden Dining Area into a Social Hub.

12th January, 2023

Round Your Garden

Round Garden dining tables are probably the easiest shape to work with in a small garden space. They work especially well in awkward patio areas and fit cosily into tight niches where chairs can utilise angular corners.


A round or oval garden dining table generally has a smaller footprint than a square or rectangle garden table making it suitable for smaller patio areas. The lack of corners also improves the flow of a small garden patio or balcony and creates more space around the table for manoeuvring without having to navigate sharp corners.


Without a “head” of the table spot, circular garden dining tables can also encourage an intimate, informal, and inclusive setting that inspires easier social interaction.

You could also introduce a lazy Susan to your garden table’s centre, with just a simple spin, everyone has access to the choice of snacks.

Room for a small one...

A major plus is that they are particularly unrestrictive on numbers – they tend to fit more people around when you have additional guests - there'll always be room for a small one!

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